“We are a vital, growing and diverse community where everyone is welcome and their individual spiritual journeys are honored. We intend to use all our gifts in worship, and to grow in faith, nurture each other in love, reach out to people in need, and celebrate and protect God’s creation. We invite everyone, without exception, to share their unique gifts with us and enjoy the life of our faith community.”

Children and Youth Programs
We are committed to helping young people grow spiritually and to develop their relationship with Jesus as well as fostering their sense of outreach and stewardship in the Church and the community. Our Church School creates a “worship-focused” experience for children from Kindergarten through Grade 6. We also provide Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation classes, meant to prepare Grade and above for Confirmation (most often in the 9th grade).

Worship, Music and the Arts
Music at Atonement is a key element in our worship and spiritual lives.  Our 10 a.m. service is enriched with beautiful music led by our Music Director, Dr. Brian Schober, four paid section leaders and enthusiastic volunteer choir members.  During the year we hold recitals and other concerts and events, including our week-long Arts & Music Festival in the spring.  We incorporate art and poetry into our liturgy and have an A/V system so that artwork and other images may be incorporated into our special programs and concerts.  We believe in the God-given creativity of every person.

Adult Christian Education
We have a variety of opportunities throughout the week that enrich our lives and our faith through learning and interaction with other seekers. We honor each other’s individual and unique spiritual journeys while sharing and growing together in Christ.  Bible study, Book Group, Discovery Nights, Mini-Retreats, Sunday forums are all part of our ministry of Christian formation.  No matter what your interest, there is something here for everyone.

Parish Life and Fellowship
Share with us in celebrations, worship, spiritual growth, small groups and big events, in a community of faith.  Atonement is a friendly congregation where people simply enjoy being together, whether for fun, learning or service.  We invite everyone, without exception to experience the many opportunities to share fellowship with one another.

We celebrate God’s love at work in the world by striving to live out our Baptismal promises by being good stewards of the many gifts with which we have been blessed.  This includes financial giving to support God’s work at Atonement and beyond, and inviting each individual to offer their time, talents, energy and creativity!  Also, environmental stewardship and justice are important values at Atonement, reflected in our active ministry including the Creation Season and “creation care” activities for both children and adults.  There are many stewardship opportunities at Atonement, and your unique gifts are always valued.