The Reverend Lynne Weber and members of Atonement's newly confirmed  youth with Bishop Mark Beckwith on May 18, 2014

The Rev. Lynne Weber and Atonement’s newly confirmed youth and adults with Bishop Mark Beckwith.


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Playroom/Nursery (infants, toddlers):

All are welcome!  If your child is not yet old enough to attend Church School (K-6), you may bring them to the Playroom, where infants and toddlers through PreK learn that they are loved by God and God’s people. Our Playroom Supervisor is Maryann Silver, who has a professional nursing background.

Of course, children of any age are always very welcome in church with their family members. 

A SOFT SPOT for families with small children is located at the back of the church.  Soft cushions, a rocking chair and blanket, a rug and other items create a space where families can participate in worship and leave easily when needed.

Atonement’s Church School is a dynamic Christian formation program which includes learning, worship and music, and service to others. Take home material promotes conversation between parents and children to encourage sharing their faith journeys and “stories.” We seek to help our children develop a relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and sacraments, foster their sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and become active members of the faith community.

Each Sunday morning children begin worship with their parents in the Church. After the Collect, they are dismissed to attend  Church School (around 10:05 am).  The Church School meets downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  There are two groups:   Grades K-3 and 4-6.  (A third group, Confirmation class for grades 7-9 meets upstairs weekly.)  As part of the Episcopal curriculum, “Weaving God’s Promises, young people hear a Bible reading and participate in reflections, then work on activities/crafts/music. Older children sometimes have a memory verse.  Following the activity, they join their parents or other responsible adults at about 10:45 in the Church for Holy Communion. A list of lessons and activities for the first half of the Church School year will be posted shortly.  See below for information about Confirmation.

Kristen Lamb Kasarjian, our Children’s Music & Education Director, continues to work with the teachers and children, encouraging children to enjoy and participate in all kinds of music, and guiding the teachers in lesson development.

All are welcome throughout the year, so come and join us!

Church School Sunday Schedule - From Sept. through June:

9:55 am – Children begin in Church (with their parents or with teachers in the first pews); service begins at 10 a.m.
10:05 – Children are invited to join the teachers for Church School after the Collect (Prayer) of the Day.  Church School meets downstairs in Fellowship Hall.
10:45 - All join parents in the Church for Holy Communion.
11:10 – Children meet in the Chapel for a brief music instruction.

Children in Ministry - Sharing the gifts that God has given us

WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!   We believe every young person can make a difference in the world no matter how seemingly small.  Your children can grow spiritually and personally by sharing their time and talent with our church community and beyond. Please take the time to talk with your children about the spirit of gratitude.  Encourage them to volunteer, according to their giftedness, for areas of ministry in Church School, Family Sundays, and Outreach opportunities.  It’s a GIFT to support you in your children’s faith formation!

We will continue to encourage children to reach out to the community in a meaningful way.  Young people bring in food for the Center for Food Action, use  their offering envelopes, participate in other outreach opportunities.  

Also in the spring the Church School and the Confirmation Class students each prepare and help serve a meal for the homeless men at the St. Paul’s Men’s Shelter in Paterson.

Confirmation Class (7th – 9th grades)

This year the Confirmation Class will begin a new Episcopal curriculum, “Wholeness and Holiness,” connecting Bible stories to everyday life, interspersed with learning about the sacraments, prayer and worship.  The teens are discussing emotions such as anger, loneliness and anxiety, and looking at Bible stories that reflect on how teens can cope with God’s help, and also help each other.  They will also share in joint outreach projects, retreats, and social activities. In addition to the regular teacher, throughout the year adults from the congregation speak to the class about how their faith affects their life and work.

Teachers for Grades K through Grade 9:
Teachers: Kristen Kasarjian, Shari Caloz, Mikayla Kostyn, Pam Messina, Tanya Quirk, Frank Preolo
Confirmation: (Grades 7-9)- Carol Petrovich, Bryon Roshong

Other members of the parish and parents are always invited to assist in our Church School and Confirmation ministry.

We are All Stewards of the EarthYoung People participate in “creation care” activities in the Church Garden in the spring (Planting) and fall (“Putting the Garden to Sleep”).  Carol Schults leads this program.


Youth Group:   

All 7th – 12th graders are invited to participate on one Saturday or Sunday afternoon each month.  We met for the first time for pizza, games and planning on Sunday, Sept. 17 at 5 p.m.  The next event of the fall is MANHUNT IN THE DARK on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017, 1:30 – 4 p.m. We’re meeting in the Reception Room at church.  Next:  planning a BOWLING event.