Stewardship is all that we do, with all that we have, all of the time.  This is equally true for individual people of faith, as well as our Christian community at Atonement.

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In gratitude for the blessings in our lives, we respond in gratitude to God and offer ourselves in service and generosity.

We are constantly amazed at God’s provision for our community.  With God’s help, together we’ve strengthened and grown our ministries that benefit so many through worship, outreach, church school, arts, environmental ministry and music, to name just a few, and keep our parish ministry vital and stable.  Most of Atonement’s people make an annual pledge as a sign of commitment and faith. Some arrange to pay their pledge or other donations electronically.

Making a pledge is very helpful to us, but more important is everyone’s presence and offering their unique gifts to the life of our community and in service to others in Christ’s name.

Atonement is a group of people who celebrate God’s love at work in the world.  As followers of Jesus striving to live out our Baptismal promises, we commit to good stewardship of the earth, its people and all forms of life.

SUMMARY:  Stewardship divides into five areas: Annual Giving, Planned Giving, Capital Giving, Accountability/Transparency, and Environmental.

Through Annual Giving, the day-to-day expenses of our parish are met. In the fall, members of Atonement make a financial pledge for the coming year so that we may live the Baptismal Covenant in worship and service to each other and to our community.

Planned Giving takes a longer-range view.  It is through Planned Giving that we encourage our members to consider the long-term needs of those they love and the institutions and causes they hold dear.  It is through the generous planned giving of parishioners past and present that our church has an Endowment Fund.

Capital Giving is the third part. This area is instrumental in keeping our buildings and grounds in good health. One-time capital contributions modernize, renovate and provide major repairs.  These donations help maintain our physical space where our ministries can operate and spread the Good News of God’s Love.  Our most recent campaign, “Open Doors/Open Hearts” celebrating our 140th Anniversary, ran from July 2009 – July 2012 and has funded construction projects to make our buildings more accessible, attractive and welcoming – -including an elevator and new bathrooms. 

Accountability/Transparency is the aspect of stewardship exercised by lay and ordained leaders as they discern how best to manage and use our financial resources, and maintain just  practices and a safe environment for staff and volunteers.  This includes the ministries of our Rector, Wardens and Vestry, Personnel Committee, Finance Committee, Investment Team, Treasurer and our annual Audit. We commit to follow the best practices as recommended by our Diocese and The Episcopal Church.  We report our finances at the Annual Meeting.  Updated information and Minutes of the Vestry are always available in the Parish Office.  We also strive to follow best practices in our hiring and supervision of staff, providing appropriate compensation, training and support.

We commit to caring for the Earth.  As a parish we are committed to environmental stewardship including taking the environment into consideration with all repair and building projects, recycling, and water conservation, as well as continuing education for all ages.  Go to our Environmental Ministry page for more information.