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Pastoral Care and Healing

Atonement is a place where care and healing are offered in a variety of ways.

The clergy - Lynne and Dean Weber - are always available to visit people in their home, in a hospital, or in another medical setting.  They will bring Holy Communion or Holy Oil for anointing, if desired.

They are also glad to meet for a confidential conversation at church or elsewhere about any matter for which a person needs to discern the path ahead or comfort for current troubles, in the context of prayer and a sure faith that God is always present in love and healing power.

Laying-on-of-hands and anointing for healing is available on Sundays after the service upon request, and occasionally are offered during the service.  

Members of the parish care for each other, praying for each other, bringing the flowers from the Sunday altar to people who are ill or homebound or who are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, and at times providing soup and bread or other food while someone is ill.

Atonement also offers its "Blessings to Go" ministry at various public events.  Interfaith printed prayer-blessing are handed out and personal prayers are offered if desired at these outings.

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